Additional Services

Aerial Photography / Surveillance

With a pilot on retainer, we can be in the air within an hour. Aerial photography or surveillance can offer a visual prospective second to none. Remember, the sky is the limit!


Service of Process

We offer private process service at an affordable rate. Most importantly, we will have an Affidavit of Service on your desk, typically, within 48 hours. Fast, reliable, and professional - that's our goal.


Private Investigations

Let us help with all of your investigation needs.  From Criminal Defense to family matters, we take pride in what we do.  Also, our staff is quite proficient at gathering the evidence necessary to prove or disprove allegations of infidelity. In our initial interview with the suspecting party, we go over the top 10 signs of infidelity, give tips on what to look for, and investigate the allegation thoroughly. Our wheelhouse is defense.  We are tenacious, thorough and aggressive in our efforts to assist in the defense of cases.  Defense is our passion - whether it is working with an insurance company to defend a false claim, assisting in a murder trail, or defending Police Officers that have been sued for Acts Under Color of Law.


Asset Location / Recovery

Our asset recovery division has reunited thousands of clients, nationwide, with collateral or personal property they thought they would never see again. From helicopters to yachts, tour buses to airplanes, and motorcycles to dump trucks, no job is too large or small. At Metro Service Agency, we find them all.


Background Checks

Knowing the background of your applicants before you hire them can be a real asset. In today's society, people aren't always who they say they are. Someone might slip into the ranks of your company who could prove to be a real problem for your business. Know your applicant before it is too late. 


Forensics / DNA Matching / Drug Testing

DNA evidence is an integral part of an identification process. When linking suspects to crime scenes, or victims to suspects, the DNA evidence obtained will either exclude a person from the crime, or confirm that the evidence actually came from the suspect. A DNA profile is specific to each individual. A DNA sample can be obtained from: blood, semen, saliva, urine, hair, teeth, bone, and tissue. With the information age upon us, and technology increasing at an alarming rate, it is easier than you might think to have a DNA analysis performed.

Our lab also offers DNA testing for paternity matters, as well as testing for the presence of all illegal drugs. If you have questions that need answers, give us a call.